We bring the latest release from ITCx, to solve the work of our Shaas Resellers, to manage, monitor and control all devices with Shaas from one place.

What can you do with the Resellers Console?

You will be able to manage via web, all the licenses and activations of shaas realized, to see how many are available, to buy packages of licenses according to its necessity.


You can become a Shaas Reseller right now and start selling the product, acquiring all the management benefits.

You will have control of your clients with shaas, having remote access of a direct form with a single click, to the service of shaas as to the router with OpenWRT, without needing to configure ports or remote accesses insecure.

Both with Shaas and with the management console, customer complaints are greatly diminished, support becomes much more comfortable, efficient, giving immediate solutions remotely.

Having access directly to the client’s computer, no matter where you are, just being connected to the Internet, you can find solutions and configurations that were previously unthought, such as restarting the router, set the Mb that can consume, see how much is consumed, change configurations Such as IPs and wifi data, among others.

Being a responsive website,

You can manage everything

From your smartphone…